The Purpose Of Our Lives Is To Be Happy

~You will want to know what puts me head and shoulders above the rest~
Get To Know Marlena Adessi
I am a 44 year young, Latin woman.  Raised in Texas and now live in Tennessee.  It’s amazing how similar the two states are in climate and culture.  I love the music scene in Tennessee as I am a bit of a crooner, myself.  Nothing fancy and not looking to become famous, it’s just a fun hobby.  Unfortunately, country music is not my forte or my pleasure.  I do have a voice that is sultry and soothing so I could easily sing you to sleep with one of any number of ballads, if that was to please you.  I’m also an avid rider of horses.  I have been riding since I was a child, taught by my father.  I love to read and I have a library full of books.  Some I have only read once, others I have read countless times.  My favorite type of read is espionage.  I can’t get enough of the thrill and the chase. 

I earned an MBA from a Big 12 Conference school and I am a magna cum laude graduate.  I’m very proud to say that my graduate thesis was accepted as presented.  Intelligence is very erotic and stimulating.  There should be more to a woman or man than just good looks or sex appeal.   Stimulation can come in varying forms whether it is through skin touch, emotional touch, intellectual touch or spiritual touch.  My goal is to connect with you on all levels of touch and leave you with an insatiable need for more.  I endeavor to leave you with the knowledge that no other will ever be able to connect with you on such an elevated level, as I.

I am elegance, confidence, intelligence, sensuality, sexuality, wit and passion all wrapped up into one beautiful bundle.  I am also a firm believer in quality over quantity.
I very much look forward to knowing you and you knowing me, mind body & soul.

Kisses ,

You will want to know what puts me head and shoulders above the rest.
Curvaceous & Voluptuous
5’4” Tall
160 Lbs.
36D Chest
32” Waist
38” Hip