If curiosity killed the cat, it was satisfaction that brought it back - Holly Black

  1. I am Marleys first client and review. One word - UNBELIEVABLE
    notthesamedean Dec 2015
  2. Marlena is an enigma to me. Just when I think I know what she's going to do or say she will do something completely different. I'll keep coming back again and again.
    James Walker Dec 2015
  3. Unreal eyes. Wow
    fighterpilot Jan 2016
  4. beautiful and charismatic.
    tootalltotell Feb 2016
  5. amazing hands and a voice I could listen to all night long
    youknowwhoyouare Feb 2016
  6. marley is not the most beautiful woman I have been with nor does she have the greatest body I've ever had BUT there is something about her that just keeps me coming back again and again. I think its that she's just the complete package and genuine as shit
    Brent Moore Feb 2016
  7. the black hair and green eyes kill me every time
    Kevin Grant Mar 2016
  8. she doesn't fuck around. tell her what you want or better yet let her figure it out. she definitely will.
    candidone Apr 2016
  9. Marley is a meaty girl. She doesn't pretend to be something she is not. What you see is what you get and let me tell you, you will not be disappointed not in the least. I was a little concerned because she's not normally not my type but I have seen her for 3 months straight now and that never happens.
    letmeexplain May 2016
  10. most definitely worth the time
    giveittomeonce Jun 2016
  11. I was Marley's 1st client. Still coming back every month. No need to fix what isn't broken. Still unbelievable.
    notthesamedean Jun 2016
  12. Not your supermodel type. the most beautiful smile and she had me grinning from ear to ear with her sarcasm and sense of humor. A woman who genuinely loves football. We watched a recorded game and she was worse than I was. LOL extremely skilled in everything she does. ;)
    Clint Davis July 2016
  13. Spotted Marley on and for some reason she stood out from the rest and not because she's the most attractive of them all because she's not and she'll be the first to confess that but she had something about her that I just had to see. I was not disappointed and have already booked her for my next two trips to Nashville. Don't delay in spending time with her if you can.
    Bruce Wayne Aug 2016
  14. Amazing masseuse not to mention everything else!!!
    cantstopwontstop Aug 2016
  15. I felt very comfortable with her and we talked about everything under the sun. Will be seeing her again when I'm next in Nashville.
    Mike Dance Aug 2016
  16. I have seen Marley 3 times now. I'm barely giving a review now because she's not one that cares about reviews per se. She honestly doesn't give a shit to see a certain number of clients a day or week or what have you. She's genuine and real. Best fucking laugh and smile ever. She listens when I speak and remembers and asks about it the next time. Love that about her.
    Cary Stewart Sept 2016
  17. I spent 2 hours with Marlena and it was well worth it. I cannot stress enough the amount of sexuality and sensuality with woman has. She's playful and funny. She's stylish and intelligent. I hated that our time was over but make no mistake about it, I'll be seeing her again and again and again. The eyes are hypnotic. Beware!
    travelingone Sept 2016
  18. careful with this one. she's not like any other I've ever seen. just like another reviewer said, she's not the hottest or prettiest but i'll be damned if you just don't want to be with her over and over. watch yourself with her is all I can say.
    Bill Teiland Sept 2016
  19. OK. How do I put this? Marley is heavier than I'm used to but exactly like her pics. But with all the reviews I just had to check her out. I NOW understand why. It didn't matter that she was not my type. It didn't matter at all. I swear, she had me from the moment she opened the door. I don't really know how to describe it. Very charismatic. Extremely beautiful and omg is she talented. Oh and she's not lying about the gift thing. I came with one and left with one. I'LL BE BACK again and again!
    David Watson Sept 2016
  20. Let me just say this...this isn't always just about that "one" thing. There are different things that always go into play. She was humming so beautifully as she was giving me a massage. So, I asked her to sing it for me. Without hesitation or some fake, oh you don't wanna hear that, she just started singing so incredibly beautifully. Wow, what a voice. Anyway, just had to say that. Get this amazing lady to sing you a tune. But like someone else said, be careful with this one. I'll be back for sure, but I will have to be guarded.
    Harley James Sept 2016
  21. Incredible. Amazing eyes and beautiful countenance. Loved my time with her. Do not hesitate. I'll be back for sure.
    Ken Jones Oct 2016
  22. I'm considered a "regular" client of Marley's. I'm proud to be one of the few. I always enjoy my time immensely. It's always as good as the first time.
    Randy Turner Oct 2016
  23. I've now seen Marley 3 times. This is my first review. The fact that I have seen her 3 times says quite a bit in an of itself. So smart and friendly. Funny and interesting. Isn't coy and doesn't play games. She is honest and forthcoming. Doesn't disappoint on any level.
    alphamale68 Oct 2016
  24. Beautiful, sensual, sexual and brilliant.
    davidgg96 Oct 2016
  25. One word Magnificent she is great a must-see
    BBreed Nov 2016
  26. Beautiful, intelligent, funny and entertaining.
    T Matthews Nov 2016
  27. make an appointment today!!
    Shane Nov 2016
  28. Merry Christmas to me!!
    iluvsnow Dec 2016
  29. Still see her every time I'm in Nashville. Love spending time with this woman. She is amazing.
    Clint Davis Dec 2016
  30. Have to leave another review because it's as if it just gets better every time. Wow
    travelingone Dec 2016
  31. An actual real natural woman who really laughs and listens. Loved every minute of it.
    Tobias G Jan 2017
  32. Sweet, sensitive and classy.
    fullbluster Jan 2017
  33. articulate, smart, funny and sexy as hell.
    crankmaster Jan 2017
  34. damn this woman is addictive.
    challengingone Jan 2017
  35. I had a great time with Marlena. I was nervous first but she made me relax quickly. She delivers what she promises......
    DAvid Feb 2017